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The Daily Impact
Shale Oil Boom Breaking Down
Recent research suggests that fracking causes earthquakes; they have no doubt of that at the fourth largest trading and investment company in Japan — Sumitomo Corporation — which has just experienced a Magnitude 10. The profit Sumitomo expected to make this year, a hefty $2.27 billion, has been all but wiped out. News of the disaster atomized 13 per cent of its stock value in one day.  Its credit rating went to “negative.” And almost all of this was caused by hideous losses incurred in fracking for tight oil in Texas.    at 11:01

Dollar smoked as stocks fall and bonds rally
It’s all coming unglued on the first trading day of the quarter. The soft ISM data has drilled the US dollar as a relentless bid boost the Treasury market. US 10 year yields are down 8 basis points since US traders arrived to 2.42% from 2.50%.    at 10:25

Project Syndicate
Debeaking the Vultures
Recently the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) recommended new terms for government bonds. Though the ICMA’s proposal leaves unresolved the hundreds of billions of bonds written under the old terms, the new framework says in effect that Griesa’s interpretation was wrong, and recognizes that leaving it in place would make restructuring impossible.    at 09:03

The Diplomat
Russia and Iran Lock NATO Out of Caspian Sea
Iran and Russia have built unanimous consensus among the Caspian states, which also feature Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, over the inadmissibility of a foreign military presence in the Caspian Sea, ruling out any future possible deployment of NATO forces in the basin.    at 03:00

El miércoles, primero de octubre
My new Stilh model 85 cost $416 and is both light and powerful.    at 00:00