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New Yorker
The Harder Part
The Party that has spent the past six years doing everything in its power to prevent the President from stimulating growth, boosting wages, improving infrastructure, controlling health-care costs, and regulating Wall Street was rewarded with clear majorities in both houses. The only prize left is the big one in 2016.    at 14:27

The Automatic Earth
China’s Surprise Rate Cut Shows How Freaked Out The Government Is
“The push that came to shove might have been the grim October data, which showed industrial output, investment, exports, and retail sales all slowing fast. Those data suggest it will be much harder to get anywhere close to the government’s 2014 target of 7.5% GDP growth .. ”    at 03:51

Some Assembly Required
Getting What You Didn't Ask For
Republicans, by obstructing every administration effort and refusing to compromise at any point on anything, have made it inevitable that Obama's approach to health care, climate change and immigration, will carry the day. Their intransigence has guaranteed that the policies implemented are far more liberal than they would have been had the GOP been interested in actually governing.    at 01:34

Kentucky Bioprocessing
Breakthrough Ebola Vaccine
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency said Kentucky Bioprocessing was awarded an agreement to develop a platform capable of delivering vaccine grade recombinant proteins that could be used to produce the Ebola along with other vaccines. The Kentucky firm was contracted by California based Mapp Biopharmaceutical to produce ZMapp, the San Diego firm’s breakthrough drug in the fight against Ebola. The CEO of Mapp Biopharmaceutical is Kevin Whaley, an Idaho high school friend of Miss Sharla's.    at 00:37

Asia Times
NATO has been warned about Russia's real red lines.
Still, substantial sectors of the Washington/Wall Street elites can't get enough of war. And they like it hot. No one should ever underestimate the unlimited stupidity of the Return of the Living Neo-con Dead using their favorite pulpit, the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal. \\ With the bullet marked once for "Eurasian integration" and twice to target "regime change", Barack Obama is holding tensions high. When Hillary Clinton seizes the day, all bets will be off.    at 00:30

El domingo, el veintitres de noviembre
We could listen to the Ark-Ole Miss game yesterday on the Razorback radio network via the internet.    at 00:00