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Jesse's Cafe Americain
Another election of Bush v. Clinton would be a suitable emblem for the decline of democracy.
Robert Reich v. Nomi Prins.  While the Republicans are temporarily fragmenting along lines of personal ambition and various billionaire special interest groups, the Democrats are continuing to split between the Wall Street and populist progressive wings. And The Clinton are the unabashed leaders of the big money wing of the party    at 12:37

Credit Bubble Bulletin
Paying for the Past:  Insight from Lindsey, Fisher and Greenspan
The abhorrent dilemma facing our nation is becoming increasingly difficult to evade. As such, leading policy figures are becoming more outspoken – in some cases stunningly candid. And future readers of history will be left bewildered and appalled that key issues were in fact recognized yet policymakers lacked the fortitude to confront them.    at 18:00

The Archdruid Report
The Era of Pretense
There are, very generally speaking, five broad phases in the decline and fall of a civilization: the eras of pretense, impact, response, breakdown, and dissolution.  We’ll talk about the era of pretense, which is the one we’re in right now. Eras of pretense are by no means limited to the decline and fall of civilizations. They occur whenever political, economic, or social arrangements no longer work, but the immediate costs of admitting that those arrangements don’t work loom considerably larger in the collective imagination than the future costs of leaving those arrangements in place.    at 08:11

The Archdruid Report
The Era of Impact
The era of impact is the point at which it becomes clear to most people that something has gone wrong with the most basic narratives of a society—not just a little bit wrong, in the sort of way that requires a little tinkering here and there, but really, massively, spectacularly wrong. It arrives when an asset class that was supposed to keep rising in price forever stops rising, does its Wile E. Coyote moment of hang time, and then drops like a stone. It shows up when an apparently entrenched political system, bristling with soldiers and secret police, implodes in a matter of days or weeks and is replaced by a provisional government whose leaders look just as stunned as everyone else. It comes whenever a state of affairs that was assumed to be permanent runs into serious trouble—but somehow it never seems to succeed in getting people to notice just how temporary that state of affairs always was.
   at 08:00

Zero Hedge
Hillary Clinton's Speech Requirements: Private Jets, Presidential Suites And Lots Of Cash
Late last month we showed that Goldman Sachs paid Bill Clinton some $200,000 for a speech ahead of an effort to lobby The State Department (then led by Hillary Clinton) on Export-Import Bank legislation tied to a $75 million purchase order from a Chinese company to a Goldman-owned aircraft manufacturer. The idea that the paid speech and the authorization of an Export-Import Bank loan to the Chinese firm were related was of course dismissed as “preposterous” by Goldman.  As you can see from the following, if you want a Clinton, a quarter-million in cash isn’t all you’ll need to budget for. Here is the rest:
   at 17:58

Are the American people as corrupt as the Clintons?
What kind of people are we Americans, that we allow these kleptocrat’s hirelings to persist in public life? The answer, I fear, is that we have become corrupt ourselves.  For the past fifteen years, there has been no sewer too stinky for Bill and Hillary to bathe in. Most of Schweizer’s research has already made the mainstream media, but the sheer mass of it still amazes. It’s not one malfeasance or three, but an unbroken pattern of overtly corrupt behavior trading half-million-dollar speaking fees and multi-million-dollar payoffs to the Clintons’ foundation in return for billion-dollar mining concessions and corporate takeovers staged by the most revolting gangsters in the jungle of Third World governance.    at 13:36

The Burning Platform
Hillary Clinton’s lucrative life of crime
When the law requiring balanced media reporting vanished in 1987 mainstream media gradually moved toward propaganda machines. It was the Fairness Doctrine of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which was originally introduced in 1949. This required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission’s view, honest, equitable and balanced. The FCC eliminated the Doctrine in 1987, and in August 2011 the FCC formally removed the language that implemented the Doctrine. That set in motion the propaganda machine of mainstream media. The real goal of this was to prevent investigative reporting since media was no longer required to present the truth. The FCC turned media into one giant propaganda machine.    at 13:31

   at 14:47