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Buenos Aires Herald
NY Times columnist Floyd Norris criticises US judge Griesa ruling
This week’s hearing made clear that he had not completely understood the bond transactions that he had been ruling on for years.  As Wednesday approaches, the judge has a lot to think about. It would be better if he had done some of that thinking before he issued his order, or if the appeals court or the Supreme Court had forced him to do so.    at 22:15
Israel Shells UN School in Gaza, Killing 16 Civilians, Wounding Hundreds
Lieberman: UN Was Storing Rockets for Hamas. The Israeli military has refused to either confirm or deny hitting the school, but said it was possible, because they did fire at the school, which they insisted was Hamas’ fault. The military also claimed to have informed the UNRWA that they were going to attack the school.
   at 21:21

Yahoo Bonds Center 
10y Retakes 2.50%: - Treasuries finished near their worst levels of the session.    at 17:25

David Stockman's Contra Corner
The Great… “Recovery?
Starting in December 2012 and continuing through today, Caterpiller has reported 19 consecutive months of declining global year-over-year retail sales. The last, and only, time it had 19 consecutive months of such decline? The period starting in October 2008 just when Lehman filed for bankruptcy. So if we are to call that first period of 19 consecutive months of CAT sales decline the “Great Financial Crisis”, we are confused: is the proper name of this identical 19-month period of declines beginning in December 2012 the Great… “Recovery?”    at 08:25

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Hoy es jueves, el veinticuatro de julio
We are in Buenos Aires for a few days.    at 00:00