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National Review

The Gun-Control Debate Could Break America
The gun-control debate isn’t a matter of policy but of “Kulturkampf.” The mutual disdain isn’t limited to vigorous disagreement about background checks; it extends to a perceived way of life. \\ A nation cannot endure forever when its people are consumed with such hate.

They say those who don’t pay attention to history are destined to repeat it. | Zero
Prohibition Never Works: Banning Alcohol Didn't Work, And Banning Guns Won't Either

“Cash Must Not Be Made the Scapegoat” | Naked
The proposed EU-wide cash restrictions could come into effect as early as this year. But defenders of physical cash have an unexpected ally in their struggle.

How Much Do New York Times Reporters Use Anonymous Sources? | Naked
Yves here. Blunden’s analysis is timely, given that the CIA is being sued over its policy of selective disclosure to reporters

Russiaphobia Is Out of Control | PCR
When a country armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons and overwhelmed by its own exceptionalism and indispensability has political and media lunatics equating a bait-click commercial marketing scheme with Pearl Harbor, that country is a recipe for the end of the world.

The World After McMaster | Friedman
The national security adviser has been a stabilizing force. What will happen if he leaves his post?    at 05:37

23 de Febrero    at 01:00


Zero Anthropology
The Democrats have been reduced to little more than a party of mayors
whose “survival” only really registers at the municipal level, having lost the presidency, the Senate, the House of Representatives, most state governorships, and the majority of state legislatures. The breadth and depth of the defeat, and the entire architecture used for conveying and defending their ideology failed to such an extent that we must conclude that it was the ideology itself, and the social and economic project that it championed, that was also rejected. In being rejected, against all the apparent odds, and to such a degree, one has to assume that the damage done is irreparable.

Joel Kokkin, Orange County Register
The three faces of the Democratic Party are coming to a head
* Corporate oligarchs
* Causists obsessed with particular hot button issues
* Populists, who bear much of the party’s social democratic message and legacy.

Neil Howe
I think the two parties are already being remade.
“Rising regionalism and nationalism around the world could lead to the fragmentation of major political entities … and the outbreak of hostilities.”

Current Affairs
How To Heal The Left-Liberal Divide
Liberals accuse lefties of not being loyal to the party in general elections. The party’s liberal wing tends to get excited about party leaders’ personalities and is more likely to share, say, Obama or Hillary memes, watch West Wing fantasies about party staffers, and follow the path of rising stars. This loyalty extends to the wider network tied to the party, too: to MSNBC personalities, party-aligned Hollywood stars like Meryl Streep, and liberal commentators.

Can the Two-Party System Survive Internal and External Divisions?
How likely is the emergence of one or two new parties? It’s difficult to say but the ideological conditions for such a radical realignment are already there. The four parties mentioned above already exist. It’s just that the Tea Party still operates under the mantle of the GOP and “Bernie’s Party” is, for now, still a part of the Democrats. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for something to trigger this political earthquake.

Democrats Bet on a Populist Message to Win Back Congress
“A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.” The agenda nevertheless showcases the influence of the Democratic Party’s populist-progressive wing. It diagnoses the problems facing America in terms that sound far more like Bernie Sanders than Hillary Clinton, arguing that prosperity and influence have become too concentrated in the hands of a wealthy few to the detriment of working-class Americans. One policy plank promises that Democrats will start “cracking down on corporate monopolies.”

“I am not a member of any organized political party… I am a Democrat.”
Will Rogers

There Is No "Political Center" in Modern America
Why Do Democrats Pursue Non-Existent "Centrist" Voters? If there are no voters in the political "center," a strategy based on winning them is likely to fail. So why pursue them? Perhaps because voters aren't what the Democratic Party — or either American political party these days — is pursuing. Perhaps it's because what both parties are actually pursuing — is money.

The Baseline Scenario
The Importance of Fairness: A New Economic Vision for the Democratic Party
   at 00:02