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Mauldin Economics
No reason for a delay other than some misguided understanding of how economy works
GDP growth this quarter was about as good as it gets these days. It gets even better when you realize that nominal GDP was 5.85%, with a 2.09% implicit price deflator. Let’s review that for a second. Well above 3% growth, 2% inflation, the most popular measure of unemployment is down to 5%, and interest rates are still held to 0%? What is wrong with this picture? How in the name of holy righteous monetary policy can the Federal Reserve not raise rates at its next meeting?    at 07:05

29 de agosto, sábado    at 00:00

Zero Hedge
The Financial Times Demands End Of Cash, Calls It A "Barbarous Relic"
The FT article is a dastardly little piece of fascist propaganda. There is no more egregious anti-liberty economic policy imaginable than banning cash.    at 09:27

WSJ Peggy Noonan
America Is So in Play
The elites see the American voter as distracted, poorly educated, subject to emotional and personality-driven political adventures. They sometimes refer to “Jaywalking,” the old Jay Leno “Tonight Show” staple in which he walked outside the studio and asked the man on the street about history. What caused the American Civil War? Um, Hitler? When did it take place, roughly? Uh, 1958?    at 09:00

David Stockman's Contra Corner
Imperial America In The Age Of Ceasarism and Trumpismo
Things that wouldn’t have been tolerated, or even taken seriously, as little as fifteen or twenty years ago are now utterly commonplace, and even the norm. Trump is only a symptom of the normalization of the bizarre, and, for lack of a better word, the debased.    at 08:05

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