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The economics of decline and fall need to be understood
in order to make sense of the trajectory ahead of us. One of the more useful ways of understanding that trajectory was traced out some years ago by Joseph Tainter in his book The Collapse of Complex Societies. Tainter begins with the law of diminishing returns: the rule, applicable to an astonishingly broad range of human affairs, that the more you invest—in any sense—in any one project, the smaller the additional return is on each unit of additional investment. The point at which this starts to take effect is called the point of diminishing returns. Off past that point is a far more threatening landmark, the point of zero marginal return: the point, that is, when additional investment costs as much as the benefit it yields.    at 00:56

El viernes, treintiuno de octubre
Halloween is Night of the Witches: Noche de Brujas    at 00:00