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Trump to Obama: Do Not Pardon Hillary Clinton "Or Her Co-Conspirators"
 At a campaign rally in Novi, Michigan Friday evening, Donald Trump asked President Barack Obama not to “pardon Clinton and her co-conspirators” if any charges were filed related to the email scandal. “Mr. President,” Trump said. “Will you pledge not to issue a pardon to Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators for their many crimes against our country, and against society itself. No one is above the law.”    at 08:16

oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith
How Do We Create Value When Knowledge Is Almost Free?
The crony-capitalist answer is always the same, of course: bribe the government to create and enforce private monopolies. This process has many variations, but a favored one is to deepen the regulatory moat around an industry to the point that competition is virtually eliminated and innovation is shackled.

Experiential knowledge that cannot be digitized will retain scarcity value
even as knowledge and expertise that can be digitized become essentially free.
This is the basis of my suggestion to acquire skills, not credentials. Credentials are increasingly in over-supply; problem-solving skills remain scarce.    at 08:08

Credit Bubble Bulletin
Deutsche is to the finance Bubble what Lehman was to the mortgage finance Bubble
Lehman may have been the catalyst, but the root of the problem was Trillions of mispriced securities. Lehman was particularly vulnerable, due to its reliance on the overnight repurchase, or repo, market and on hedge funds to finance itself. Deutsche is different. It has a lot more liquidity and is better prepared. Policymakers are better prepared and the world is better prepared.
   at 07:54

Zero Hedge
The Complete A To Z Of Nations Destroyed By Hillary and Obama    at 01:30

1 de Octubre    at 00:00

Noonan Column - WSJ
The Politics of ‘The Shallows’ 
This year I am seeing something, especially among the young of politics and journalism. They have received most of what they know about political history through screens. They are college graduates, they’re in their 20s or 30s, they’re bright and ambitious, but they have seen the movie and not read the book. They’ve heard the sound bite but not read the speech. Their understanding of history, even recent history, is superficial.    at 14:25

The Unz Review
The way US doctrine mandates to impose a no-fly zone is pretty straightforward:
This first phase can last anything between 48 hours to 10 days, depending on the enemy air defense network. (KR: Read more -- very scary!

No-fly plan fails to meet the minimal criteria of Powell Doctrine on most points.
So as long as somebody mentally sane is in the White House all this talk should remain what it has been so far – empty threats. Of course, if Hillary makes it into the White House and then nominates a maniac like Michèle Flournoy as Secretary of Defense along with a national security team composed of rabid warmongers then all bets are off. Please consider that before you go to vote.    at 07:40

Just Security
“It’s not too late” to declare a no-fly zone in Syria" | David Petraeus
Calls for a military option in Syria increase    at 07:30