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Across the Curve
The Message From the Flattening Yield Curve
the 2yr/10yr spread is still positive but narrowing. It was 96bps on Friday, May 20, down from the most recent cyclical high of 266bps during December 31, 2013.    at 10:07

The American Conservative
Trump Beats Clinton the Way He Beat Bush
This election is a referendum on political dynasties and the status quo—even with Gary Johnson and a Bill Kristol candidate in the race.

How to Explain Sanders Campaign to an Idiot, Paul Krugman or a Clintonite Huff    at 09:36

George Friedman of Geopolitical Futures
Nationalism is Rising, Not Fascism
The claims of an increase in fascism in Europe and the U.S. derive from a misunderstanding of the term. \\ What we are seeing is the rise of the nation-state against the will of multinational organizations and agreements.    at 09:33

Peak Oil Review
Nigeria: Oil output has fallen to a 20-year low
The government forbids oil companies from publically announcing how badly their production has been hurt by insurgent attacks, so outside observers have to make their own estimates. The militants want a greater share of the oil wealth that is currently being squandered by the central government and is angered by a two-thirds cut in a 2009 government program that paid some 30,000 militants not to attack the pipelines. The cuts were prompted by low oil prices and falling revenues.    at 01:42

Capian Report:  YouTube
Geopolitics of Nigeria    at 01:30

The consensus is for an increase of 158,000 non-farm payroll jobs | CalcRisk
down from the 160,000 non-farm payroll jobs added in April. The consensus is for the unemployment rate to decline to 4.9%.    at 00:29

31 de Mayo    at 00:00