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   at 01:00

Information Clearing House
Does Washington want a war with Russia?
A war with Russia would rapidly lead to the shredding of the Constitution, the abrogation of democratic rights, the outlawing of political opposition and a massive escalation of police state measures.    at 16:29

Ukraine has Europe’s third-largest shale gas reserves
Behind the geopolitics pitting Russia against the West – and the ethnic tensions tearing Ukraine east and west – another backdrop for understanding this deepening conflict is the big-money competition for Ukraine’s oil and natural gas.    at 16:25

Russian army ordered to advance toward Ukraine border
This order amounted to a state of alert, which required the troops to close their distance to the Ukraine border and take up prepared positions as bridgeheads for entering East Ukraine when the order is given. Ukraine’s acting president demanded that Moscow pull its troops back from the border and stop “blackmail.”    at 16:21

Across the Curve
Primary Dealer List Circa 1981    at 12:23

The Georgian Times
Russia Tries to Advance an Alternative to GPS |  Stratfor
With Russia now acting more assertively -- not to mention due to the fallout over Crimea -- it is clear that any post-Cold War cooperation may have ended. Over the past few years, Russia has threatened to ban the export of RD-180 rockets, without which the ATLAS V cannot be launched.    at 09:06

David Stockman's Contra Corner
Meet Andriy Parubiy: Head Of Ukrainian National Security Council And Obama’s Favorite Neo-Nazi
The U.S. press has played down his role because his neo-Nazism conflicts with Official Washington’s narrative that the neo-Nazis played little or no role in the “revolution.” References to neo-Nazis in the “interim government” are dismissed as “Russian propaganda.”    at 01:00
US 'Disappointed' by Palestinian Unity    at 00:30

Cerro de las Armas Weather    Accuweather    15-day Charts    Precipitation
Hoy es jueves, el veinticuatro de abril
Two of the three trails through the woods have been mowed and looking very nice.    at 00:00