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The Archdruid Report
The Magic Mountain
This is the magic mountain of our era—a mountain of privilege whose inmates either have no idea that they’re privileged, or have convinced themselves that they deserve whatever they have and that those who don’t have the same things don’t deserve them. Far below the magic mountain, in the rest of the world, things are happening and pressures are building toward an explosion, but most of those up there in the heights haven’t noticed.

“Anyone who believes that exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.”

To talk about the 1%, apply it globally to the top 1% by income of Homo sapiens.
If you live in America and have an annual household income above $38,000 or so, in case you were wondering, you belong to that category.    at 09:09

naked capitalism
‘I never dress up for boys’ says 100-year-old star of Harvey Nichols’ new Vogue campaign    at 08:39

30 de Abril    at 00:00