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History Unfolding
Collapsing authority
In 2010, Warren met with President Obama in the Oval Office, and he informed her that he could not make her the head of the the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which she had just designed, because of objections from Senate Republicans and bankers. “You make them very nervous,” he told her.    at 13:35

Pragmatic Capitalism
Rail Traffic Regains Upward Momentum
Warren Buffett’s favorite indicator of economic growth continues to gain momentum here in the early spring. The latest year over year reading from AAR shows a 9.3% increase in rail traffic. This brings the 12 week moving averaged to 5.7%, the highest reading since January.    at 13:00

The End of Employment
Nothing is easier, as the Long Descent begins to pick up speed around us, than giving in to despair—and nothing is more pointless. \\ I admit to a certain macabre curiosity about how that will play out in the years ahead. I’ve suspected for a while now, for example, that the baby boomers will manage one final mediagenic fad on the way out, and the generation that marked its childhood with coonskin caps and hula hoops and its puberty with love beads and Beatlemania will finish with a fad for suicide parties, in which attendees reminisce to the sound of the tunes they loved in high school, then wash down pills with vodka and help each other tie plastic bags over their heads.    at 03:41

Putin Isn’t a Genius — We Are Complete Idiots
Putin doesn’t need to send the Red Army into Ukraine. Every Ukrainian officer above the rank of major came up through the ranks in the Red Army. Ukrainian commanders won’t fight the Russians. They are the Russians. Yesterday we watched Ukrainian paratroopers turn their armored vehicles over to Russian separatists. Maybe John McCain can send them more weapons to hand over to Moscow.    at 02:39

The Voice of Russia
Japan to arm remote western island risking more China tension
Japan is sending 100 soldiers and radar to its westernmost outpost, a tropical island off Taiwan, in a deployment that risks angering China with ties between Asia's biggest economies already hurt by a dispute over nearby islands they both claim.
   at 02:17
Putin: Crimea Annexation a Response to NATO Expansion
Putin said the NATO military bloc is “moving toward our borders,” and that there were “considerations that if we do nothing, then at some point, guided by the same principles, NATO will drag Ukraine in” as well.    at 02:16

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - Telegraph
Eight EU states in deflation as calls grow for QE in Sweden
Sweden has become the first country in northern Europe to slide into serious deflation, prompting a blistering attack on the Riksbank’s monetary policies by the world’s leading deflation expert. Swedish consumer prices fell 0.4pc in March from a year earlier, catching the authorities by surprise and leading to calls for immediate action to avert a Japanese-style trap.    at 00:30

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Hoy es viernes, el deiciocho de abril
Sharla and Horacio improved the outdoor oven with a layer of fiber glass.    at 00:00