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Zero Hedge
Russia Says Turkey's Attack On Jet Was "Planned Provocation"
Note the difference in the way Russia and the US describes the FSA. For the US, they are a "moderate opposition group," for the Russians, they are "jihadists." Considering they are allied with al-Qaeda, and judging from the gruesome videos released by the group on Tuesday, you'd be forgiven if you're inclined to go with Moscow's characterization.    at 10:00

The Moskva, one of the largest warships in the world, was ordered to move closer to Syrian coast 
opposite the port of Latakia, near the Turkish border, and to “destroy any target posing danger.” Debkafile’s military sources say the Moskva serves as a floating missile base with a complement of advanced S-300 ground-to-air missiles.  The Russian general command also announced that Russian warplanes would henceforth escort all Russian flights operating in Syrian airspace, including bombers.

Russian S-400 missiles again boost military buildup in Syria
Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said Wednesday, according to the ministry's Twitter feed, that the country would deploy S-400 defense missile systems to its Hmeymim airbase near Latakia, Syria, on the Mediterranean coast. The missiles have a range of 250 kilometers. The Turkish border, at its closest, is less than 50 kilometers away    at 07:32

BK Asset Management
Euro Cracks 1.0600 as ECB Mulls Unorthdox QE
For currency traders however, such talk only reinforced the idea of policy divergence between the ECB and the Fed and sent the EUR/USD reeling towards the 1.0600 weekly lows as the morning session wore on. The pair now finds itself at a key juncture as the 1.0500-1.0600 corridor represents multi-year lows which were tested early in the year and will no doubt be tested now.    at 06:52

How low will the euro go? ForexLive
The US yield curve has flattened further this week expanding a trend which is now in place for three months, notes Morgan Stanley. "The flattened curve suggests that a 'dovish rate hike' in December in now well telegraphed, bearing little surprise potential for risky assets," Morgan Stanley adds. The previous EURUSD 1.0490 low may work as a magnet for further price activity," Morgan Stanley projects.    at 06:50

Dances With Bears
Russia is committed to blocking Turkish expansion, and to protecting Shiite Iraq and the Kurds
from Turkish attack. If these aren’t the new strategic commitments, then Russia should hasten to withdraw its forces before it falls into more bloody ambushes. If they are the new commitments, then the consequences are as obvious as they are immediate. All Russians are now at risk if they travel to Turkey, so President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s exclusion zone should stop all Russian flights and all Russian nationals from entering the country. Time, too, for the Turks to warm their houses and cook their dinners with someone else’s gas.    at 06:48

Informed Comment
Why did Turkey dare shoot down a Russian Plane? The Proxy War in Syria
Turkey and the Turkmen are carving out a sphere of influence in northern Syria and are insisting that Russia recognize it. How severe the conflict becomes depends in part on how Russia responds to this setback for its war aims. It also depends on whether Turkish goals are more ambitious, to help the al-Qaeda-led Army of Conquest take Latakia. If Jabal Turkmen is a red line for Turkey, Latakia port is a red line for Russia. Red lines have a way of turning into hot wars.    at 06:47

GeoPol Intelligence
The Geopolitics of Turkey |  Stratfor
The Turkish core is the same territory as the core of the Byzantine Empire that preceded it, namely, the lands surrounding the Sea of Marmara.    at 01:26

Presenting SocGen’s 5 Black Swans For 2016 (Zero Hedge)
Automatic: Not sure either Tyler Durden or SocGen defines ‘black swan’ right: they’re the things you’re not supposed to see coming, so how can you predict them?
• Brexit at a probability of 45%
• China hard landing remains a significant risk at 30%
• Credit crunch: An intensification of capital outflows, a growing number of non-performing loans
• Dry-up in housing demand
• Capacity overhang    at 00:34

25 de Noviembre
Warm and breezy. Cálido y ventoso    at 00:00