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Hoy es domingo, el veintisiete de julio
The strawberry and blueberry season is underway.    at 00:00

Buenos Aires Herald
If an agreement isn’t reached next Wednesday, will the country default?
A default isn’t an abstract concept and it’s defined on the contract Argentina signed with its creditors. It means not paying either on the established time or in the 30-day grace period. But that definition has to be combined with what paying means, which is depositing the funds. Argentina paid so it would be technically incorrect to say the country will default on Wednesday. That doesn’t mean that if an agreement isn’t reached, holdouts wouldn’t demand for someone to compensate them. But that someone should be the Bank of New York and not Argentina.    at 17:25

The US dollar could sprint, Yellen just needs to fire the starting pistol
The FOMC decision is on Wednesday. Expectations are low but with jobless claims at the lowest since 2006 and the jobs picture continuing to improve, rates at zero are no longer needed. The Fed could easily shift them to 1.00% by the end of 2015 and they will still be extremely accommodative.    at 17:20

Wolf Street
Yellen Spoke, Junk-Bond Market Listened
Junk debt and illiquidity – were among the things that Fed Chair Janet Yellen, in her remarks last week, singled out as she was trying to very gingerly prick the greatest credit bubble in history.    at 16:30

Naked Capitalism & Links
Administration Plans Orwellian Statistics Fudge to Make Offshored Production Look Like US Made
There a proud American tradition of fudging official data releases to make the incumbent Administration’s performance look better than it really is. The Administration wants to reclassify US firms that send production offshore as “factoryless goods” producers, meaning manufacturers. Furthermore under the Administration’s broad trade data reclassification proposal, white-collar workers at firms that have offshored their production would be counted as manufacturing workers.    at 08:33